timbr.ai SQL Knowledge Graph

Turn your SQL Databases into a Knowledge Graph with semantic reasoning capabilities to answer the most complex questions directly from your business intelligence solutions and analytical tools.

timbr SQL Knowledge Graph™ is the knowledge platform that implements the Semantic Web in standard SQL, to enable modeling, exploration and query of ontologies that turn big data backends into a knowledge graph without need of a separate backend and costly ETL operations. timbr enables modeling of concepts with reasoning capabilities and mapped to the data, to transform data in data-stores of any size, into smart, relationship-rich data,  seamlessly accessible to business intelligence solutions, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing applications. Any Semantic Web ontology can be easily transformed by timbr into the SQL ontology, so enterprises can grow their current knowledge base to big data size and enrich it with external data sources and ontologies such as DBpedia, GDELT, social media, news, weather and many others.

timbr SQL Knowledge Graph

Turn your SQL databases into a Knowledge Graph. Model and discover relationships, explore and traverse data, query heterogeneous data sources in SQL without joins and easily answer the most complex questions directly from BI solutions and in SQL, Apache Spark, Python and R
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timbr-Dbpedia SQL Semantic Platform

Semantic access to DBpedia knowledge in SQL and DBpedia knowledge integration into standard data warehouses and data lakes. Find meaningful relationships between concepts, query them in SQL or with the visual query builder.
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timbr-GDELT Semantic Knowledge Graph

First semantic SQL ontology created on top of the GDELT database, queryable in SQL GDELT is the largest and most comprehensive open database of human society ever created. GDELT monitors the world's news media from all over the world stretching back to 1979 through present day.
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You are invited to see our presentation of the timbr-GDELT SQL Knowledge Graph in which we will show a live demo of our solution. You may also visit us at our timbr.ai stand where we can respond to your questions and show a timbr demo. And don't hesitate to call on us if you see us walking around the conference halls - we shall wear our timbr.ai shirts with our logo. See you at the conference!

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